Italian Theme

September 5, 2009

This past August 15th I was privileged to supply the music for the second Italian Day Party hosted by Gail Mayer, the Independent Living Activity Director at Christwood in Madisonville, Louisiana.

The room was decorated with the Italian Flag with its green white and red colors prominently displayed throughout, plus color matching table centerpieces and party hats for everyone.  Gail also went the extra step to get and display travel posters throughout the room depicting various cities and countryside scenes throughout Italy.  This touch really topped off the themed atmosphere.  And the food served was of course Italian in flavor.

My job was the easiest, with all of this to work with all I had to do was put together a playlist of some famous Italian singers from the likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Louis Prima and Tony Bennett.  Then sprinkle in some of the tunes from The Godfather and Wise Guys movies to set the musical mood to match theme. 

No matter his or her nationality everyone was Italian that day!


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